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Looking for witty and funny Jesus basketball memes? From Holy Shot to Jesus vs Satan. We have 'em all! Browse, laugh, and share quickly.

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April 7, 2024

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Jesus basketball meme Holy Shot autocorrect

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Intro to Jesus Basketball Memes

Step into a unique fusion of faith and the hardwood with our collection of humorous Jesus basketball memes.

These memes ingeniously merge the divine with the dribble, capturing lighthearted moments and playful parallels between the holy and the hoops. Whether it’s Jesus hitting a game-winning shot, breaking Satan’s ankles (jump to Jesus vs Satan memes), or offering divine assists, these memes add a smile to your day.

Jesus basketball memes montage
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Jesus Basketball Memes

Here are the best of the best Jesus playing basketball memes all in one spot. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

D-up Father!

Father ain’t afraid to break ankles on that crossover.

Jesus basketball meme D up Father
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What’s the score? 6 to Nun

Even Nuns know how to trash talk on the court — cause ball is life. Speaking of which, see all our ball is life memes!

Jesus basketball meme score again 6 to nun

“Holy shot”

That autocorrect gets ya every time.

Jesus basketball meme Holy Shot autocorrect

Healed by the Power of Jesus

#33 never misses an opportunity for evangelism.

Jesus basketball meme healed by the power of Jesus

Turning ankles into wine

Jesus doesn’t hold back the trash talk. Don’t miss all our pickup basketball memes.

Jesus basketball meme ankles into wine
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Lord working HIS game at sunset

Nothing but net!

Basketball meme Lord working his game sunset

Let the children come for the double team

Jesus always has a plan.

Jesus basketball meme let children come pass to Moses

If Jesus hadn’t died for us

We’d been crossover-ed a long time ago!

Jesus basketball meme if Jesus hasn't died for us

When the Lord calls you home

Odd timing but dude is game-ready. Don’t miss all our white men can’t jump memes!

Jesus basketball meme Lord calls you home

How it seems vs Reality

Jesus out of nowhere with the block!

Jesus basketball meme how it seems vs reality blocked shot

Jesus vs Satan Memes

Jesus breaking ankles all game long. Here are the best “Jesus vs Satan” crossover basketball memes below.

When devil challenges Jesus

Undisputed winner!

Jesus basketball meme Jesus vs Satan crossover

So the masses watched the sicker footwork

Lebron 4:20. Speaking of Lebron, don’t miss all our funny LeBron James memes.
Jesus basketball meme Jesus vs Satan crossover

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