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Embark on a laughter-filled journey into the world of Jordan Jumpman memes. These humorous creations cleverly blend Michael Jordan’s iconic brand with comedy, showcasing the lighter side of sneaker and sports culture.

Jordan Jumpman Memes
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Jumpman Memes

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Man’s Jumpman on mole

Well played sir, well played.

Jumpman meme - man shaved head with mole

It’s a Jumpman miracle!

Secure that cucumber in glass and send it to the Hall of Fame!

Jumpman meme - cucumber miracle

Boy’s Jumpman Haircut

Might want to get a new barber. Just sayin’.

Jumpman meme - boy haircut

Jumpman carrying some, er, weight

“Hung” time. 🙂 Don’t miss our fake Jordan shoes memes!

Jumpman meme - hung time instead of hang time

Flopman vs Jumpman

One is on the floor, the other is in the air. See more Floor James, er, LeBron James memes here.

Jumpman meme - jumpman Jordan vs flopman Lebron
Via NBAMemes

Jumpman Tattoo FAIL

Maybe he got a good deal? Also, bold placement!

Jumpman meme - tattoo on forehead

Dunkin Jumpman

Dunk those donuts, baby!

Jumpman meme - Dunkin Donuts version
Get the Dunkin Jumpman sticker here!

Jumpman has no pants

So curvaceous!

Jumpman meme - butt crack emblem

Jumpman on t-shirts sold by Utah Jazz

Salt in the wound, even over 25 years later!

Jumpman meme on t-shirt sold by Utah Jazz

Jumpman logo in football form

Nice jump and fairly accurate, Siri! Speaking of jumping, don’t miss all our white men can’t jump memes.

Jumpman meme in football form

Jumpman doing the splits

Jordan turning into Stretch Armstrong.

Jumpman meme stretched sock doing splits

Other Jumpman Stuff

If Jumpman memes aren’t your thing, maybe try drawing the Jumpman logo instead? Here’s a great video showing you how.

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