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April 7, 2024

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Jordan vs LeBron meme MJ and LeBron at 38 gambling and playing

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Intro to Jordan vs LeBron Memes

Get ready for a showdown of epic proportions with our Jordan vs. LeBron memes!

Join us for a laugh-filled journey through the hilarious memes that fuel the ongoing debate between these basketball legends.

Jordan vs LeBron memes montage
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About Jordan vs LeBron

The Jordan vs. LeBron debate is a hot topic among basketball fans, with arguments focusing on career achievements, playing style, and overall impact on the game. Supporters of Michael Jordan highlight his six NBA championships, while LeBron James’ fans point to his versatility and longevity.

See this great GOAT comparison here:

Why the Jordan vs LeBron debate makes for funny memes

The intense rivalry between Jordan and LeBron, fueled by passionate fans on both sides, provides endless material for humorous memes. From comparing their playing styles to poking fun at their off-court antics, these memes playfully exaggerate the debate, offering a lighthearted take on a contentious topic.

Most memes, as you’ll see below, compare the following:

  • “Crying Jordan” vs. “LeBron James with Tears”
  • “Jordan’s Championships” vs. “LeBron’s Finals Record”
  • “Goat Debate” Memes
  • “Space Jam” vs. “Space Jam 2” comparisons, both making our funniest basketball movies list. Also, don’t miss our Space Jam memes!

Also, note that both of these icons do have their own memes on Old Man Dunk Contest here:

Jordan vs LeBron memes

Here are the best of the best Jordan vs LeBron memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

LeBron frustrated by hard fouls

Meanwhile Jordan. Don’t miss all our foul/technical foul memes!

Jordan vs LeBron meme hard fouls comparison that's cute
via NBA Memes

Jordan: I could beat LeBron 1 on 1 in my prime

LeBron: I could beat your Bobcats 5 on 1.

Jordan vs LeBron meme 1v1 Bobcats

See all our crying Jordan memes!

MF at 38 vs LeBron at 38

Jordan hitting the tables and LeBron still balling!

Jordan vs LeBron meme MJ and LeBron at 38 gambling and playing

Raise your hand if you’ve never lost Back to Back NBA Finals

Jordan, Russell, Bird, Olajuwon, Isiah, Kobe, Shaq, Duncan.


Don’t miss all our Kobe & Shaq memes or Larry Bird memes.

Jordan vs LeBron meme raise your hand if you've never lost back to back NBA finals
via NBA Memes

Championship Ring comparison: Jordan vs LeBron (and also Kobe)

Lots of missed opportunities for LeBron! Don’t miss all our Kobe Bryant memes.

Jordan vs LeBron meme comparison of rings

Best team in MJ’s era, Kobe’s era, and LeBron’s era

Those LeBron haters gonna love this one. :/ Don’t miss all our Steph Curry memes!

Jordan vs LeBron meme best team in Jordan's era vs LeBron's era Warriors

The difference between RESPECT, and DISRESPECT

There’s a lot to evaluate here with the eyeball test when it comes to player/coach relations!

Jordan vs LeBron meme difference between respect and disrespect
via NBA Memes

Pippen: “I heard LeBron has the most game 7 points in history

Jordan: “What is “Game 7”?

Jordan vs LeBron meme Pippen laughing what is game 7?

Flopman (Floor James) vs Jumpman (Air Jordan) logos

What do you think? Accurate?

Jordan vs LeBron meme jumpman logo flopman logo

All the Legends (Bird, Magic, Barkley, Bryant, Iverson): “MJ is GOAT”

Random guy on Facebook: “LeBron is the GOAT!”

Don’t miss these memes from Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson!

Jordan vs LeBron meme random guy on Facebook LeBron is the GOAT

Scoring Leaders Ring Toss

This would be accurate if Jordan was standing wayyyy closer to the bottles.

Jordan vs LeBron meme carnival game bottle ring toss
via Basketball Forever

MJ: Prevented numerous NBA legends from winning a ring

LeBron: sat front row to watch players win rings

Jordan vs LeBron meme MJ prevented legends from winning a ring
via Petty Air Jordan

Before you make fun of a kid for believing in Santa

Just remember there are grown adults who still believe LeBron is better than Jordan.

Jordan vs LeBron meme kid believing in Santa kids believe LeBron is GOAT

Identical moves: Jordan, Kobe, & LeBron

Jordan and Kobe are identical with their jumper, drive, and lean.

LeBron? Um.

Jordan vs LeBron meme identical moves Kobe flop LeBron

What MJ did to get past the Pistons in the 90s

What LeBron did to get past the Celtics. Don’t miss all our Chris Bosh memes!

Jordan vs LeBron meme MJ past this Pistons LeBron past Celtics
via NBA Memes

LeBron after 5 minutes against the “Bad Boys” Pistons

Who wants to see this bonus episode from The Last Dance?

Jordan vs LeBron meme LeBron after 5 minutes of playing Pistons "Bad Boys"

LeBron wouldn’t survive in the 90s

Looks like a hard foul regardless of the decade. Don’t miss all our 80s & 90s basketball memes!

Jordan vs LeBron meme LeBron wouldn't survive in the 90s foul on face

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