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April 7, 2024

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LeBron James meme crying morph from Crying Jordan

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Intro to LeBron James Memes

Dive into the world of basketball brilliance and humor with our collection of LeBron James memes. Celebrating King James’ iconic career, these memes showcase his greatness, memorable moments, and on-court excellence, providing a blend of humor and homage to one of basketball’s most dominant and entertaining figures.

LeBron James memes montage
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About LeBron James

LeBron James is a basketball legend, widely regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history. Renowned for his exceptional skill, versatility, and leadership, he’s a four-time NBA champion and a four-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP).

LeBron’s legacy is on display here with his Top 35 plays.

Why LeBron James makes a funny Meme

LeBron James’s meme-worthy status derives from his multifaceted career: a four-time NBA champion with various teams, a four-time NBA MVP, and a global icon in basketball. Memes often showcase his incredible game-winning shots, iconic dunks, intense focus, cramps, crying LeBron, and expressive reactions.

Oh, and that hairline. 🙂

In addition, “The Decision” and LeBron’s involvement in social media, entertainment (see Space Jam 2 memes), and business ventures provide ample opportunity for memes. LeBron also had numerous teammates, which provides a ton of opportunity for meme cross-over to other players.

LeBron James Memes

Here are the best of the best LeBron James basketball memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

Here’s a quick jump to specific LeBron memes:

How long LeBron’s been running the league

Once a defender, now a coach. Woah.

Lebron James meme how long running the league
via NBA Memes

Math teachers always dunking those dead whiteboard markers

Ain’t nobody stoppin’ them.

Lebron James meme trash can whiteboard marker math teacher

LeBron not looking the same since losing NBA Finals

It hit him pretty hard.

Lebron James meme not looking same since Finals

The face guys make when they know they’ll never be better

King James doesn’t look happy with the Black Mamba. Don’t miss all our Kobe Bryant funny memes.

Lebron James meme face guys make when they know they won't be better
via NBA Memes

Bosh wants the ball…good one!

LeBron + Wade in Miami was quite the duo. See more Chris Bosh memes!

Lebron James meme Bosh wants the ball good one

LeBron rings lost vs Westbrook rings won

6-0 baby! See all our Russell Westbrook memes.

Lebron James meme Rings lost rings won with Russell Westbrook

“J.R., what do you mean you have to go to the bathroom?”

J.R. Smith acting like a child.

Lebron James meme JR Smith what do you mean you have to go to bathroom

Number of rings lost

Jordan = 0. Kobe = 2. LeBron? Lost track of counting. :/ See all our Jordan vs LeBron memes!

Lebron James meme Rings lost Jordan, Kobe, LeBron

No team in NBA Finals history has come back from trailing 3-1

History was made after this photo.

Lebron James meme coolest nba picture ever

Skip Bayless LeBron hating is strong with C+

A triple-double in the Finals isn’t enough for this man.

Lebron James meme Skip Bayless hating

Best team in LeBron’s era?

There’s a theme here with MJ and Kobe. Not so much with LeBron. Speaking of Curry, see all our Steph Curry memes.

Lebron James meme best team in LeBron's area Steph Curry's Warriors

The pick-and-roll

The ol’ nose pick is LeBron’s favorite play!

LeBron James meme picking nose pick and roll

LeBron reading page 1…for a decade

He’s just getting to the narrative hook.

LeBron James meme reading book stuck on page 1 for decade

1992 Dream Team is waiting

LeBron’s always recruited well.

LeBron James meme want to win championships Dream Team 1992
via NBA Memes

Chris Webber explains how good prime LeBron was

C-Webb’s keys to the game are as simple as it gets!

LeBron James meme Chris Webber how good was LeBron
via NBA Memes

Crying Lebron Memes

Does LeBron cry too much on the court? Some say he does, and here’s some incriminating evidence in meme format.

Never Lost back to back NBA Finals is worthy of a LeBron cry

We see you Russell, Jordan, Bird, Olajuwon, Isiah, Kobe, Shaq (see Shaq memes), and Duncan. Sorry, LeBron.

Lebron James meme raise your hand if you haven't lose back to back NBA Finals
via NBA Memes

Crying Lebron Olive Garden leftovers

Leftovers are always worthy of a cry and happy tears!

LeBron James meme crying Olive Garden

Crying LeBron most recognized 24’s

Kobe (see all our Kobe memes), Gordon, Griffey, and lots of championship losses for LeBron. Note: this is an old meme, Lebron’s new NBA Finals championship record is 4-6.

Lebron James meme the most recognized 24s

From Crying Jordan to Crying LeBron

The evolution of the infamous crying Jordan meme is complete. Jordan thanks you, LeBron. See all our Jordan memes!

LeBron James meme crying morph from Crying Jordan
via NBA Memes

“I don’t always cry to the refs”

Though he cries, LeBron is very self-aware.

LeBron James meme crying I don't always cry to the refs

We are all witnesses…to this much crying

An alternate take on the “We Are All Witnesses” advertisement, originally created by Nike for a promo in 2005. Some may like this one better. 🙂

LeBron James meme crying we are all witnesses

LeBron James hairline memes

To his dislike (we’re sure), King James’ hairline has gotten much attention over the last decade. Here are memes dedicated to LeBron’s ever-changing hairline.

LeBron Crying + Hairline meme in one

Best of both worlds!

LeBron James meme crying hairline is gone

LeBron’s hairline from 2004 to 2016

The headband keeps creepin’.

Lebron James meme hairline 2004 to 2016

2k14 accurately depicts LeBron’s hairline

LeBron’s hairline isn’t even safe in video games!

LeBron James meme hairline 2k14 improving realistic gameplay
via NBA Memes

LeBron hairline memes are now R.I.P.

LeBron taking control of the narrative!

Lebron James meme hairline RIP
via NBA Memes

LeBron’s hairline is like the teams he plays for

Comes and goes as it pleases!

Lebron James meme hairline similar to teams he plays for comes and goes
via NBA Memes

KD wanna be like LeBron so bad with his bald spot

Don’t miss all our Kevin Durant memes!

LeBron James bald spot compared to Kevin Durant
via NBA Memes

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