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Looking for funny Shaq memes? We got the BEST of the big guy. Emphatic dunks, falling on the set of TNT, reading, hiding behind tress, & much more. Browse, laugh, and share.

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April 7, 2024

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Shaq meme completed rainbow uniforms colorful

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Intro to Shaq Memes

Welcome to the best Shaq Attack memes!

Our collection of Shaq memes showcases the larger-than-life NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal. From dominating on the court to his magnetic personality off it, Shaq’s humor, charisma, and memorable moments have fueled a trove of internet hilarity.

Dive into memes showcasing Shaq’s playful side, iconic dunks, amusing interviews, and larger-than-life presence that make him a favorite meme subject.

Shaq memes montage
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About Shaq (Shaquille) O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal, known as Shaq, is a basketball icon renowned for his dominant presence in the NBA. Standing at 7’1″, he won four NBA championships, earned numerous MVP awards, and became a 15-time All-Star during his illustrious career. Beyond basketball, Shaq excels in entertainment, business, and philanthropy, showcasing his multifaceted success.

Shaq can also act! Check out Uncle Drew in our ultimate guide to funny basketball movies!

Shaq’s legacy is on display below with his career highlights.

Why Shaq makes a funny Meme

Shaq’s meme appeal spans various themes, encapsulating his versatile career and engaging personality. His multiple nicknames (e.g. The Diesel, The Big Aristotle, etc.) also provides endless meme opportunity.

Memes often feature his towering stature (Shaq compared to regular-sized objects, hiding behind a tree, etc.), him falling on the set of NBA on TNT, reading, or simply his Love Shack playful connection. His expressive reactions during games, playful interviews, and candid moments have birthed memes showcasing his humor and larger-than-life persona.

He also teamed up with Kobe, which compounds his meme ideas. Don’t miss all our Kobe Bryant memes or see this dynamic duo together with our Kobe and Shaq memes.

Shaq Memes

Here are the best of the best Shaq basketball memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

Here’s a quick jump to specific Shaq memes:

My knee after adding more weight to my squat


Shaq meme warming up my squat add weight my knee

Shaq had his very own stat category

Broken backboards plus or minus 2, every single game.

Shaq meme broken backboards stat
via NBA Memes

That moment when you are as tall as Shaq

That’s one monstrous leg!

Shaq meme realizing as tall as Shaq's leg stretch

Shaquille O’ Seal

If Shaq & Seal were one. Nice work, Arkane Memes.

Shaq meme Shaquille O'Seal
via arkanememes on IG

Shaq’s size vs F1 drivers is quite the sight

This perspective makes him look like a complete giant.

Shaq meme comparison to F1 drivers on podium
via NBA Memes

Woman’s dress looks like Shaq’s sweatpants

I bet they would fit Shaq. 🙂

Shaq meme woman wearing crazy dress looks like Shaq's sweatpants

Shaq is very thirsty and needs water

We’ve all been there!

Shaq meme drinking water

Shaq’s High School basketball team picture

Shaq was different even at an early age.

Shaq meme team picture Shaq taller than everybody else

Shaq’s 40% free throw shooting was God’s way of saying nobody’s perfect

“The Diesel” makes a lot of sense here. Speaking of God, don’t miss our Jesus basketball memes.

Shaq meme free throw line shooting God's way of saying nobody's perfect

Kazaam Genie vs Aladdin Genie: “I prefer the real Genie”

There can only be one GOAT Genie.

shaq meme Kazaa movie real genie

Shaq completed the NBA rainbow with his teams/uniforms

A Shaq-bow was accomplished.

Shaq meme completed rainbow uniforms colorful
via NBA Memes

Shaq’s version of the Jordan Jumpman logo

Why wasn’t this made? See all our funny Jumpman logo memes.

Shaq meme jumpman logo Shaq dunking version

Shaq Reading Memes

Shaq’s suspicious and hilarious reading memes are a classic. Here are the best of the best below!

Get ahead in book club and you know what happens next

Always a great feeling!

Shaq meme reading get ahead in a book and know what happens

Teacher: “Time for Sex Ed”

Today’s gonna be a good day for Ed. 🙂

Shaq meme reading teacher time for sex ed

When up next to read and page got a curse word

Just a great excuse to practice.

Shaq meme reading curse word

When your teacher hands you a book and you’ve already watched movie

Well, this is going to be easy! Speaking of movies, don’t miss our memes from basketball movies & TV shows.

shaq reading meme teacher hands you book and you've watched movie

Love Shaq Memes

“Love shack, baby love shack”. Here are the best of the best Love Shaq (Shack) memes below.

Welcome to the Love Shack (Shaq)

Nothing but love from the big guy.

shaq meme welcome to love shack

Can’t end messages with “Love, Shaq”

We get it Shaq, the B-52s ruined it for ya!

shaq meme can't end with Love Shaq because of B-52s

Shaq hiding behind tree Memes

Shaq and his large self hiding behind a small tree, hoping to not be seen, provides an ample amount of meme ideas! Here are the best.

Doctor: “Don’t worry the X-ray is harmless”

What do you see? Should I be worried??

Shaq hiding behind tree meme doctor xray harmless

Baby Elephant hiding behind Light Pole

Shaq and this baby elephant have a lot in common here.

Shaq hiding tree meme baby elephant hiding behind light pole

When I see a dog I wanna pet

Don’t mind me, but, can I? Speaking of dogs, don’t miss all our Air Bud movie memes!

Shaq hiding tree meme when I see dog I want to pet

The Nerd’s POV in math class

Waiting for their turn to answer correctly.

Shaq hiding tree meme nerd pov in math class

When you cancel the Uber and it arrives

Those cancellation fees are not going to hide themselves.

Shaq hiding tree meme cancel Uber and it arrives

Shaq fall on the set of TNT memes

In 2015, the fall felt around the NBA world was seen. Shaq fell on live TV during TNT’s halftime show.

“You set me up, Ernie!”

And of course, the memes started to flood in! Below are some of the best memes of the Shaq fall. Also, if you love Inside the NBA with that hilarious cast, don’t miss all our Charles Barkley memes!

Shaq always blaming Lance Stephenson for something

Was Lance responsible for Shaq’s fall?

Shaq meme fall Lance Stephenson blowing

Was Randy Orton responsible for Shaq’s fall?

As you can see, the meme world was off to the races!

Shaq meme fall Randy Orton

Shaq falls, er, dives with great form

Eat your heart out, Michael Phelps.

shaq meme fall diving into water pool

Shaq hittin it with Michael Jackson

Shaq got moves with MJ. No, not the GOAT, but the “King of Pop”. If you like Jordan, see all our Michael Jordan memes.

shaq meme fall Michael Jackson lean dance

The Shaq fall continues to get meme-d

Lion King? Twister? Knocked out? Wasted??

Shaq meme fall Lion King twister wasted

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