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Quick History of Basketball Memes

Basketball memes emerged as internet culture evolved alongside the sport’s popularity. Initially, simple image macros and jokes about players circulated on forums and early social media platforms in the mid-2000s. The rise of video sharing and meme-centric sites like Vine and YouTube in the late 2000s and early 2010s accelerated their growth.

Memes featuring iconic moments, player reactions, and relatable jokes about basketball gained traction, spreading virally across social media platforms, especially during high-profile games or events. As the internet’s reach expanded, so did the variety and creativity of basketball memes, becoming an integral part of online sports culture, engaging fans, and fueling the broader meme ecosystem.

Why Basketball Memes are so funny

Basketball memes enjoy popularity due to their ability to blend sports enthusiasm with humor. These memes highlight memorable moments, player reactions, and cultural references, resonating with basketball fans and internet users alike.

Their widespread appeal stems from their ability to capture iconic instances, relatable emotions, and the playful spirit of basketball, making them a beloved form of entertainment across various online platforms.

Basketball Memes

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When a squirrel can dunk better than you

You’ve reached an all-time low, fella.

Basketball meme squirrel dunking

They told me I could be anything, so I became a basketball

Quite literally.

Basketball meme became a basketball head paint

Not a hooper if you never hooped with a ball in this condition

There ain’t no grip left on that ball.

Basketball meme very used basketball in bad condition

Me when kid dunks his pizza slice in ranch

A different kind of dunking!

Basketball meme dunks pizza in ranch

I believe I can fly

Did he really believe that?

Basketball meme I believe I can fly

Tag someone who would miss a wide-open layup

Missed layups happen. More so for others though. 🙂

Basketball meme tag someone who would miss a wide-open layup
via NBA Memes

Women happy that NBA season is over

NFL preseason in 2 weeks

Basketball meme women happy season is over NFL preseason in 2 weeks

NBA Draft picks from early 2000s be like

What a style.

Basketball meme NBA Draft picks dressing baggy clothes in 2000s

If this never happened to you, then you don’t know the struggle

Ball stuck in corner of rim is a true struggle.

Basketball meme ball stuck in corner of rim

We are living at the peak of civilization

DirecTV satellite as a backboard? Brilliant.

Basketball meme hoop mounted on Directv satellite

How my friends see me when we’re playing basketball (Nic Cage)

Give me the ball!

Basketball meme Nic Cage when I want the ball

When you forget to bring your phone to the bathroom

Oof. Don’t miss all our NBA memes.

Basketball meme forget to bring phone to the bathroom

Dude be like I’m a shooter bro

Interesting shooting form.

Basketball meme shooter bro

Name this NBA Player Goat

Who is the GOAT? While on the topic of animals, don’t miss the famous golden retriever in our Air Bud memes!

Basketball meme Goat name this NBA player
Via Basketball Patrol

No mercy for little cuz

Boy never had a chance, posterized!

Basketball meme dunking over little cousin

When a statue plays better than you

Look at that form, statue got GAME.

Basketball meme statue plays better than you

Toilet court? Yes pee, er, please

There’s gonna be pee everywhere with all these 3s!

Basketball meme court painted on bathroom floor near toilet

Which is most embarrassing?

Gotta go with missing a wide open layup! Don’t miss our popular NBA player memes. Also, if you loved the golden ages of the NBA, see our 80s & 90s NBA memes.
Basketball meme which is most embarrassing

What sounds better? Chain or net?

Love that “ching” or “swoosh” sound best?

Basketball meme what sounds better net or chain

Kanye scores 106 points in a game!

106 points! Against a wheelchair basketball team? Bro.

Basketball meme Kayne scores 106 points against wheelchair team

Kid: “Which one of you is multiply?”

I feel sorry for multiply, kid gonna break ankles.

Basketball meme kid teacher cross multiply which one

High five for getting dunked on!

Something to celebrate, I guess.

Basketball meme getting dunked on high five

What my teacher sees vs what I see

Nothing but trash can.

Basketball meme what my teacher sees vs what I see

Cantaloupe? Gonna get kicked out of this supermarket!

Those cantaloupes are nice and round, there’s a hoop, and I see Gatorade. Time to lace up, baby!

basketball meme cantaloupe about to get kicked out of this supermarket

Education is important but Basketball is Importaner

School is good.

Basketball meme basketball is important but basketball is importaner

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