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April 7, 2024

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Intro to Fake Jordans Memes

Step into the world where sneaker culture and humor collide with our well-curated Fake Jordan shoe memes.

These digital delights bring iconic kicks from Michael Jordan’s legendary line to life in unexpected and hilarious ways. From playful mash-ups with pop culture to satirical takes on sneakerhead obsessions, these memes celebrate the enduring style and cultural impact of Air Jordans.

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Quick History of Fake Jordans

The history of fake Jordans dates back to the rise of the iconic brand in the 1980s. Counterfeiters capitalized on its popularity, producing imitation versions to exploit demand. Over time, these knockoffs evolved, ranging from cheap imitations to more sophisticated replicas, persisting as a challenge in the sneaker market.

In August of 2018, Homeland Security Investigations special agents busted a New York criminal ring manufacturing counterfeit Nike Air Jordans. The gang imported 380,000 counterfit! The knockoffs were worth more than $70 million dollars.

Why Fake Jordans make a funny meme

Fake Jordan shoes have become meme material due to their often humorous and noticeably poor imitation of the authentic brand. These knockoff versions, with their exaggerated designs or flawed attempts to replicate the original Jordan sneakers, are shared as memes for their unintentional comedic value. The stark differences from authentic Jordans, evident in their low-quality craftsmanship or mismatched details, create a source of amusement and parody within sneaker culture and internet humor.

Jordan Shoe Memes

Here are the best of the best Jordan shoe memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

Fake Jordans

Looking specifically for funny fake Jordan shoe memes? We got all the best below. Also, if you’re curious in how to spot fake Jordans, this video is super helpful.

Friend helps friend determine if he has fake Jordans

Might want to send those back. Don’t miss all our funny Jumpman logo memes.

Fake Jordans meme text thread check logo

Jumpman logo on back of Jordans look wacky AF

Not even close on these!

Fake Jordans meme back of shoe jumpman

Fake Jordans will make anyone cry, including MJ himself

Don’t miss all our crying Jordan memes here.

Air Jordan Shoes Memes MJ looking at fakes
Via NBAMemes

Even SpongeBob can spot fake Jordans

It’s just too difficult to even look at ’em. See all our SpongeBob basketball memes!

Air Jordan Shoes Memes SpongeBob Fake

Your Jordans are Fake AF Mario

Even Yoshi can spot fake Jordan shoes!

Fake Jordans meme your Jordans are fake AF Mario

Jumpman has no pants and crack exposed

Pretty sure that authentic Jordans aren’t so curvaceous! 🙂

Fake Jordans Jumpman on shoe with butt crack emblem

Jumpman carrying some, er, weight

“Hung” time. 🙂

Fake Jordans Jumpman hung time instead of hang time

These Jordan knockoffs are pretty obvious

Can’t get much worse than this ugly Jumpman logo on the tongue of this fake Jordan!

Fake Jordans meme Jumpman on tongue of shoe messed up

Crying Jordan face on Jumpman logo on fake Jordans

The shoe doesn’t get much more offbrand than this. Or, does it? Look closely. 🙂 Don’t miss all our Crying Jordan memes.

Fake Jordans meme Crying Jordan on head of Jumpman logo

More offbrand Jordan shoes

What is this, a cheerleader? This is as sloppy as counterfeit gets.

Fake Jordans from China Jumpman looks like cheerleader

Air Jordan Shoe Memes

Now that we have the fakes outta the way, here are some authentic (non-fake) Jordan shoe memes. Just regular, funny, random, and odd Air Jordan shoe memes!

When your size is sold out but kicks are too fire

Unique look, but the shoe is still fire. Points for creativity!

Air Jordan Shoes Memes foot coming out of shoe

Jordans wearing a plastic bag to not mess them up

Vacuum sealed, bros.

Air Jordan Shoes Memes when you don't want to mess up new jordans

Of course, someone made Crying Jordan Air Jordan shoes

Where can these be bought??

Air Jordan Shoes Memes Crying Jordan on shoe tongue

On bended nnee (but not shoes), much RESPECT

The definition of multi-tasking. Nobody likes creased Jordans.

Air Jordan Shoes Memes On bended knee

On Bended Knee (but not shoes) — part 2!

Insensitive or genius? Again, gotta keep those J’s fresh and crease-less!

Air Jordan Shoes Memes On bended knee

DJ Khaled protects his Air Jordans

Dude taking pampering to another level.

Air Jordan Shoes Memes On bended knee

Bagged and protected Air Jordans

Keepin’ ’em fresh, any way possible.

Air Jordan Shoes Memes wrapped in bag

2013 & 2016 Air Jordans look, um, similar?

MJ always has the last laugh. Speaking of laughing, don’t miss our Jordan laughing memes here, thanks to the documentary The Last Dance.

Air Jordan Shoes Memes 2013 Jordans vs 2016 Jordans
Via NBAMemes

Willy Wonka: “You wear Jordan shoes? You must play a ton.”

So much basketball, Willy. Speaking of playing, don’t miss our pickup basketball memes!

Air Jordan Shoes Memes Willy Wonka

See more memes from popular basketball movies and TV shows, including our Space Jam memes collection featuring the GOAT himself.

Air Jordan Shoe Tattoo

Looked better in his head?

Air Jordan Shoes Memes Tattoo

Own every Jordan but F in gym class?

Kermit dropping the mic!

Air Jordan Shoes Memes Kermit none of my Business

Pick a row of Jordan shoes

Not an easy decision, but we’ll choose row #1!

Air Jordan Shoes Meme pick a row
via Kollege Kidd

Her: “You bought another pair of shoes?”

Maybe I have a problem?

Air Jordan Shoes Memes her you bought another pair of shoes
via Memes

The two most famous shoe salesmen in history

Al Bundy and Jordan, and then everyone else.

Air Jordan Shoes Meme Two most famous shoe salesman in history Jordan and Al Bundy

When you buy a new pair of Jordans

Cuddle those shoes and protect them with your life.

Air Jordan Shoe meme cuddling new pair like a baby

“Hey Mike, why do they keep buying the same shoes again?”

Legit question. Anyway, where’s the nearest Foot Locker?

Jordan shoe meme hey mike why do they keep buying same shoe

Man in bathtub with Jordans listening to that new Drake

New kicks, cucumbers on eyes, candles, and Drake. Heaven on earth.

Jordan shoe meme guy in bathtub with Jordans on
via @theshoegame

Jordan 1 memes

Looking specifically for funny Jordan 1 shoe memes? We got all the best below.

Girlfriend puts creases in Jordan 1 shoes when boyfriend acts up

Total savage, there’s nothing more vigilant than this.

Jordan 1 meme shoe girlfriend creases

The distracted boyfriend sneaker head can never forget his first love of Jordan 1

15, 20, 50. It don’t matter. The OG lives in his heart.

Jordan 1 shoe meme distracted boyfriend

The Air Jordan 1 shoe Pink Panther Unmasked

Gotta have ’em.

Air Jordan 1 shoe meme Pink Panther edition

The swoosh on these Air Jordan 1 shoes looking a bit phallic

Modified Air Jordan 1 shoes that didn’t pass inspection pre-manufacturing. 🙂

Air Jordan 1 fake swoosh has Phallic look

Air Jordan 1 slippers?

These are pretty dope. And they’re even high tops!

Air Jordan 1 shoe meme woman slippers

Jordan 1’s without Jumpman logo or swoosh

These are just wrong. Burn ’em.

Air Jordan 1 shoe without jumpman logo or swoosh

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