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Looking for a funny basketball foul meme? We have the BEST of the dramatic flops, collision confusion, player/ref reactions, protests, & more. Browse, laugh, & share!

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April 7, 2024

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Basketball foul meme Steven Adams when you getting fouled but refs aint do anything

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Intro to Basketball Foul Memes

Get ready to chuckle with the funniest collection of basketball foul memes! We capture the lighter side of the game, offering a humorous take on the moments when players bend the rules on the court.

Basketball Foul NBA memes montage
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About basketball fouls in the NBA

In the NBA, fouls occur when players violate the rules, such as illegal physical contact, offensive charges, or technical infractions. While fouls disrupt gameplay, they also provide comedic fodder for internet memes, showcasing exaggerated reactions, dramatic flops, and unexpected encounters.

In honor of fouls, here are the NBA’s 25 most brutal fouls in basketball history!

Why NBA basketball fouls make funny memes

Basketball fouls often result in exaggerated reactions from players, leading to humorous moments that are ripe for internet memes such as:

  • The Dramatic Flop
  • Collision Confusion
  • Exaggerated Reactions
  • Referee Reactions
  • Player Protests

These instances of on-court antics provide endless entertainment for fans.

Basketball Foul memes

Here are the best of the best basketball foul memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

The 1990s fouls vs Now

The golden age of basketball was different. Don’t miss all our memes of the 80’s & 90’s NBA!

Basketball foul meme NBA 1990s vs Now

Also, don’t miss all our funny LeBron James memes.

Dudes be like: “I didn’t even touch him ref!”

Oh, that’s for sure a whistle. Don’t miss all our funny Michael Jordan memes!

Basketball foul meme I didn't even touch him
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“Mom he hit me”

That pointer finger can do some damage.

Basketball foul meme mom he hit me

When you getting fouled but you know officials aint gonna do anything

Steven Adams knows.

Basketball foul meme Steven Adams when you getting fouled but refs aint do anything
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Current NBA players handling bad/dirty play vs players in 70s & early 80s

Is today’s NBA soft?

Basketball foul meme how players handle fouls in 70s 80s vs today

How NBA players get open off screens TODAY vs NBA in the 90s

Very different screen game in today’s NBA.

Basketball foul meme players coming off screens today vs 90s
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How people foul you playing 21 when you have 19 points

You ain’t gettin’ that last bucket without a fight, kid.

Basketball foul meme how people foul when playing 21 and you have 19 points
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Back then, Non-foul. Today = Flagrant foul!

Fouls called 20-30 years ago were different than today’s NBA. Also, if you love Jordan & LeBron comparisons, don’t miss our Jordan vs LeBron memes.

Basketball foul meme back then non foul today flagrant foul
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What foul? Have you lost your mind?

Tim Duncan having some feels.

Basketball foul meme Tim Duncan what foul lost your mind

Referees be like: “All ball, no foul”

What are these guys seeing out there?!

Basketball foul meme referees be like all ball no foul
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Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but that’s a foul, so call it maybe

Gotta admit the lyrics are catchy. See more funny Kevin Durant memes!

Basketball foul meme hey I just met you Kevin Durant

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The best basketball memes for good old fun!


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