Intro to Crying Jordan Memes

Crying Jordan memes ingeniously turn vulnerability into hilarity by repurposing Michael Jordan’s emotional image.

Its simplicity makes it perfect to express anything from sports defeats to everyday blunders. This adaptability fosters a shared amusement, bridging the gap between an icon’s humanity and our own experiences. In a complex world, the meme’s laughter-inducing power unites us, reminding that even heroes have their downtrodden days.

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Crying Jordan Meme History

The “Crying Jordan” meme’s history traces back to the 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony when Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player, gave an emotional speech. During his speech, he shed tears as he reminisced about his journey and the people who had supported him along the way. A photographer captured an image of Jordan with tears streaming down his face, which became the source of the iconic meme.

The meme gained significant traction in the following years, around 2012-2013, when it started to appear on various online platforms. Its emotional resonance and the universal recognition of Michael Jordan as an athletic icon contributed to its widespread appeal.

The image’s relatability was key—it encapsulated a moment of vulnerability from a figure often associated with invincibility.

The meme’s versatility played a crucial role in its popularity. Internet users began superimposing the crying face onto images of athletes, celebrities, politicians, and even everyday people during moments of disappointment, failure, or frustration. The meme’s simple yet impactful nature allowed for easy adaptation to countless scenarios, making it a meme for all seasons.

As social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit continued to grow, the meme’s visibility skyrocketed. Its presence in mainstream media and pop culture further solidified its status as a go-to reaction image, turning it into an enduring symbol of online humor and camaraderie.

The Crying Jordan meme’s long-lasting popularity showcases the power of simple yet emotionally resonant content in the age of viral internet culture. It remains a testament to the collective imagination of online communities and their ability to turn even the most unexpected images into iconic symbols of amusement.

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Crying Jordan Memes

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There’s no crying Jordan in Church

At least Jordan wasn’t the only one picked on here.

Crying Jordan meme First Baptist Church

Crying Jordan Haircut

His barber will be questioned.

Crying Jordan meme boy haircut

Another pair of Jordans? YES please.

Well, when you put it the way, I may have second thoughts.

Crying Jordan meme buying shoes

A team of Crying Jordans

Steve Kerr keeping it together these days.

Crying Jordan meme 95-96 Bulls
Via NBAMemes

Nothing is better than a Craig Sagar interview

Oh wait.

Crying Jordan meme Craig Sagar

Kids these days won’t under the non-crying Jordan

It’s sad, really.

Crying Jordan meme Then and Now
Via NBAMemes

Crying Jordan Trophy?

Maybe someday the NBA will approve.

Crying Jordan meme Curry kissing trophy

Steph Curry pounding the Crying Jordan drum

The only way he’ll be able to take out MJ, I guess. #goat

Crying Jordan meme Curry beating drum

Lebron nurtures Crying Jordan

Who would have though Lebron would need to nurture MJ?

Crying Jordan meme Lebron hugging MJ

Crying Jordan Baby Curry

I think he behaved pretty well.

Crying Jordan meme Baby Curry press conference

MMA Crying Jordan

I mean, who wouldn’t cry after this?

Crying Jordan meme UFC MMA

Crying Jordan Statue in Chicago

Head is a bit big, but it works.

Crying Jordan meme Statue

Darth Maul Crying Jordan

Hollywood gets in on the crying Jordan memes!

Crying Jordan meme Star Wars

Mount Rushmore of Crying Jordan

No Lebron or Magic? People gonna have issues.

Crying Jordan meme Mount Rushmore

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