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Looking for a funny Magic Johnson meme? We've curated the funniest Magic memes from his HIV journey, Lakers "Showtime", front office executive fails, & more. Browse, laugh, share!

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April 7, 2024

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Magic Johnson meme only man taking advice from on how to defeat a virus

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Intro to Magic Johnson memes

Discover the lighter side of basketball legend “Magic” with our Magic Johnson memes — the best curated collection on the planet! Join us as we explore the funny moments that have immortalized Magic in internet culture.

Magic Johnson memes montage
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About Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson, a basketball icon, dominated the NBA with his dazzling skills as a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. A 5-time NBA champion, 3-time MVP, and 12-time All-Star, he revolutionized the game with his versatility and charisma, but his career took a turn with his HIV diagnosis in 1991.

Magic Johnson’s legacy is on display below with his top 10 plays.

Why Magic Johnson makes a funny Meme

Magic’s infectious smile, flashy style, and memorable quotes make him meme-worthy. His iconic moments, such as the “baby skyhook” and “Showtime” era, have inspired countless internet memes that celebrate his impact on and off the court, including his journey after the diagnosis. And let’s not forget about those front office executive fails.

Here are some of his popular memes:

  • Journey with HIV
  • Donating blood, cookouts
  • No-Look Pass/”Showtime”
  • Failures as Lakers’ President of Basketball Operations/Co-owner
  • Magic Smile

Magic Johnson Memes

Here are the best of the best Magic Johnson basketball memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

Magic and his celebrity crew walking into the playoffs

Some will say it was photoshoped. 🙂

Magic Johnson meme celebrity crew walking into playoffs

The only man I’m taking advice from on how to defeat a virus

Can’t really argue with this perspective.

Magic Johnson meme only man taking advice from on how to defeat a virus

Jordan played with the flu? That’s cute

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Magic Johnson meme Jordan played with flu that's cute

LeBron played with a cramp, Jordan with the flu

Magic: “Good one, I played with HIV.”

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Magic Johnson meme LeBron cramp, jordan flu, Magic played with HIV

I went viral before it was cool

Magic was ahead of his time.

Magic Johnson meme I went viral before it was cool

I’ve decided to take my talents anywhere but the Lakers

Magic abruptly resigned from the Lakers front office in 2018-2019 season. And the memes will never let him forget it.

Magic Johnson meme decided to take my talents anywhere but the Lakers
via NBA Memes

Magic played with full-blown AIDS, Kyrie won’t get Corona shots

This Drake meme is so adaptable. 🙂

Magic Johnson meme Drake AIDS Kyrie won't get Corona shot

Staying positive since 1991

Nothing but smiles for Magic.

Magic Johnson meme staying positive since 1991

When you’re at Magic Johnson’s cookout and he says “I put my blood, sweat, & tears into this food”

Say what now?

Magic Johnson meme at cookout and says he put blood sweat tears into food

Well, it was on this day for sure

The evidence might be there.

Magic Johnson meme with lots of women on this day
via Dad Bod Sports

Magic donated his blood to Red Cross to help underprivileged communities fight COVID-19

Can’t die from COVID if you die from AIDS first.

Magic Johnson meme donating blood to Red Cross

“Finally a team that won’t let me down”

Magic’s alumni Michigan State looking to not disappoint.

Magic Johnson meme Duke Michigan State score

What you planned to draft (Lonzo Ball), what you actually drafted (his dad, LaVar Ball)

Not even Magic could’ve predicted this.

Magic Johnson meme drafting lonzo ball got dad instead
via NBA Memes

When at Magic Johnson’s cookout and see a mosquito

Where’s that OFF! spray STAT??Magic Johnson meme at cookout see a mosquito

Magic aids in the daring kitten rescue

Always willing to aid in helping out the community.

Magic Johnson meme aids in daring cat rescue

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