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Step into the entertainment zone where the love for basketball meets comedic flair on our page dedicated to side-splitting memes from beloved basketball movies and TV shows.

Here we capture the essence of the sport through a humorous lens of memes. From classic movie moments in Space Jam to the antics of Semi-Pro and comical scenes in TV shows like The Office and beloved cartoon SpongeBob, our curated collection offers a slam dunk of humor.

Whether it’s Michael Jordan’s animated shenanigans or the quirky antics of Will Ferrell’s Jackie Moon, these memes bring a smile to basketball fans’ faces.

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Why Basketball Movies & TV shows create funny memes

Memes from basketball movies gain popularity because they capture iconic scenes, memorable quotes, and the dramatic or humorous moments that resonate with fans.

These memes often tap into the nostalgia associated with beloved films, creating a shared cultural experience. Additionally, basketball movie memes play on universal themes within the sport, such as teamwork, underdog stories, and triumph over adversity, making them relatable to a broad audience.

More Memes from other Basketball Movies & TV Shows

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Friends: when you take one below the drawstrings

Chandler nails it.

Friends TV basketball meme when you get hit and face you make

Office Space: stop watching basketball on your phone

That would be grrrreat.

Office Space movie basketball meme stop watching basketball on your phone

Hoosiers: “I can make it!”

Jimmy was clutch!

Hoosiers movie meme I can make it Jimmy

Hoosiers: 6 guys standing, 1 guy running

Probably not an accurate depiction of how an offense is run.

Hoosiers movie meme 6 guys standing 1 guy running

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