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Step into the hilarity of “The Office” memes dedicated to episode #5, titled (of course), “Basketball”. 🙂

These memes humorously encapsulate the chaos and comedy of Dunder Mifflin’s staff engaging in a memorable basketball game. From Michael Scott’s misguided coaching to the absurd antics on the court, our collection celebrates the memorable, laugh-out-loud moments that make this episode a fan favorite.

Join us for a playful trip down memory lane with the Dunder Mifflin crew!

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Episode summary: The Office Season 1, Episode 5: “Basketball”

In Season 1, Episode 5 of “The Office,” titled “Basketball,” a rivalry ensues between the staff. Michael Scott organizes a basketball game against the warehouse workers. The game spirals into chaos as competitiveness clashes with ineptitude, resulting in humorous and unexpected outcomes within the office setting.

The Office Basketball Episode Memes

Here are the best of the best basketball memes from Season 1, Episode #5 of The Office titled “Basketball”. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

$220 million super max contract for Michael Scott

Beats selling paper. Dwight will approve.

The Office basketball episode meme Michael Scott max contract

The secret weapon, Stanley!

What Michael didn’t know, yet.

The Office basketball episode meme Stanley there he is secret weapon

“You gotta be kidding me!”

That moment where Michael realizes Stanley’s true skills.

The Office basketball episode meme secret weapon Stanley you got to be kidding me

Flagrant, personal, intentional foul

How can you not laugh?

The Office basketball episode meme flagrant personal intentional foul

Michael Scott: 30 for 30

“Too dramatic not to be real”. We’d watch it, no doubt.

The Office basketball episode meme 30 for 30

ESPN: 15 years ago the foul ended one of the most highly contested basketball games in recent memory

The “flagrant personal intentional foul” will be talked about for decades.

The Office basketball episode meme ESPN foul is most contested basketball games in recent memory

“I’m a basketball machine”

Michael always offers an unbiased opinion of himself.

The Office basketball episode meme I'm a basketball machine

Michael Scott as the NBA logo

Eat your heart out Jerry West!

The Office basketball episode meme NBA logo of Michael Scott

More basketball memes from The Office

Though these memes below weren’t part of Season 1, Episode #5, they’re still worth sharing since they’re basketball-related!

“Catch you on the flippity flip”

Michael’s iconic tagline.

The Office basketball episode meme catch you on the flippity flip

Lowered hoops for short people

Michael’s old boss, Ed Truck, knew how to offer opportunities for all people.

The Office basketball meme lowered hoop for short people

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