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Looking for funny Kevin Durant memes? We got the BEST of Slim Reaper. Deadly jumpers, skinny body, strange feet, hairline, OKC to Warriors, & more! Browse, laugh & share.

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April 7, 2024

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Kevin Durant meme feet shaped like olive garden bread sticks

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Intro to Kevin Durant Memes

Welcome to our haven of Kevin Durant memes!

Don’t miss KD’s superstar career and persona as shown in hilarious memes. The “Slim Reaper” has unmatched on-court talent and an engaging social media presence. Our curated collection captures Durant’s unique moments, playful banter, and iconic reactions.

Kevin Durant memes montage
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About Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, a basketball luminary, has left an indelible mark on the NBA. As a two-time NBA champion and two-time Finals MVP, Durant’s scoring prowess and versatility are unmatched.

A four-time NBA scoring champion, he boasts 12 All-Star selections and an Olympic gold medal. Beyond statistics, Durant’s on-court finesse, iconic moments, and leadership make him a basketball titan. His journey from the Seattle SuperSonics to the Golden State Warriors, then to the Brooklyn Nets and now Phoenix Suns, has defined an era. Durant is one of the greatest players of his generation and a transformative force in the game’s narrative.

Kevin Durant’s legacy is on display here with his top 30 career highlights.

Why Kevin Durant makes a funny Meme

Kevin Durant’s meme popularity is fueled by his remarkable on-court performances, particularly his scoring finesse and clutch moments.

Memes often capture his unfiltered reactions, engaging social media presence, and the narrative around his team choices. His candid interviews and dynamic personality offer rich content for humor, showcasing both the highs and controversies of his career.

KD can also act in comedies, check out Thunderstuck in our ultimate guide to funny basketball movies!

Kevin Durant Memes

Here are the best of the best Kevin Durant basketball memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

Quick links to specific KD memes:

When you meet other drunk girls in the bathroom and have a heart-to-heart

Draymond Green speaking some truth to KD.

Kevin Durant meme talking to Draymond Green

When someone tries to have a full convo in the club and you act like you know what they’re saying

We’ve all been there. Just smile and nod your head.

Kevin Durant meme talking to Draymond Green full convo in a club

Kevin Durant looking for his Big 3, again

This time in Phoenix!

Kevin Durant meme Will Smith in empty living room looking for Big 3
via NBA Memes

Security guard ready to risk it all for KD

Can you blame her?

Kevin Durant meme security guard ready to risk it all for KD

The difference between KD’s former teammates vs LeBron’s

Love and hate is a fine line, folks. Don’t miss all our LeBron James memes.

Kevin Durant meme difference between teammates compared to LeBron

Ever heard of a breath mint, Westbrook?

A little too up close and personal for KD. See all our Russell Westbrook memes!

Kevin Durant meme damn son bad breath Westbrook

Is that Kevin Durant or E.T.?

The resemblance is striking.

Kevin Durant meme E.T. with hoodie
via NBA Memes

“Mom made me pizza rolls!”

Even James Harden can appreciate this tasty snack. Don’t miss all our funny James Harden memes.

Kevin Durant meme mom made me pizza rolls

Kevin Durant Skinny Memes

KD’s 6’11” skinny physique is definitely a focus of his memes. Here are the best!

“Wanna know why I’m so skinny?”

Taking shots at Russell Westbrook! Don’t miss all our Russell Westbrook memes.

Kevin Durant meme wanna know why I'm so skinny

The Slim Reaper and Crying LeBron face

The Slim Reaper did his thing in 2017 and 2018 against LeBron’s Cavs. Don’t miss all of our crying LeBron memes.

Kevin Durant meme The Slim Reaper

KD’s physique come a long way

Um, those arms have to be photoshopped!

Kevin Durant meme physique come a long way with gains

Hey Durant, how many times have you worked out?

He’s not fat, just thin-boned.

Kevin Durant meme Seattle how many times you work out

KD vs Giannis physique comparison 2013 to 2018

Some things never change.

Kevin Durant meme physique comparison to Giannis

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Memes

KD’s jump from OKC to the Golden State Warriors set the meme world on fire. Here are the best!

Kevin Durant be like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings

Can’t deny the power of the ring! Don’t miss all our memes from popular basketball movies.

Kevin Durant meme Smeagol lord of the rings
via NBA Memes

When life gives you lemons…join the Warriors

And win a championship!

Kevin Durant meme when life gives you lemons join the Warriors

Trust the process? How about SKIP the process

Durant’s jump to the Golden State Warriors brought out all the haters.

Kevin Durant meme trust the process skip the process

When you wanna do the LeBron pose, but can’t hold 2 trophies

KD need to hit those bicep curls.

Kevin Durant meme when you want to do LeBron pose but can't hold 2 trophies

Kevin Durant right now (he’s on fire!)

KD lit it up early and often with the Golden State Warriors!

Kevin Durant meme flaming hands Golden State Warriors
via NBA Memes

Draymond: “Key KD, guess what?”

Steph: “Chicken butt!”

This joke will never die, nor should it. Don’t miss all our funny Steph Curry memes.

Kevin Durant meme Draymond and Steph chicken butt joke

Kevin Durant feet Memes

KD’s long thin feet have gotten quite the attention of the meme world. Here are the best!

Durant’s feet shaped like Olive Garden breadsticks

Keen observation. Who’s hungry for some pasta?

Kevin Durant meme feet shaped like olive garden bread sticks

Durant’s legs or just hockey sticks?

Honest question.

Kevin Durant feet hockey stick meme

Kevin Durant Hair Memes

Similar to LeBron’s hairline memes, KD has similar challenges and the memes prove it below.

Kevin Durant didn’t deserve this photoshop of his hair

That gator sure does look at home tho.

Kevin Durant meme hair balding

Who wore it better?

Ice cream cone or KD’s head?

Kevin Durant meme hair ice cream cone who wore it better

Grass-less football field or KD’s head?

Whoever did this is a complete savage.

Kevin Durant hair meme football field no grass comparison

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