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April 7, 2024

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Anthony Davis meme eagle flying off face unibrow

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Intro to Anthony Davis Memes

Explore the amusing side of “The Brow” through a collection of funny Anthony Davis memes that capture the lighter moments of the NBA star’s career, personality, and unique eyebrow(s).

Anthony Davis memes montage
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About Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (AD), a dominant force in the NBA, has achieved numerous accolades including 8 All-Star selections, an Olympic gold medal, and an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020.

Some of his nicknames include:

  • The Brow
  • AD
  • The Unibrow Assassin
  • The Big Fundamental

Anthony Davis’ legacy is on display below with his top 30 career plays.

Why Anthony Davis makes a funny Meme

Davis’s distinctive unibrow, intense on-court expressions, and unique playing style make him a perfect meme subject. Memes often feature exaggerated versions of his brow or humorous interpretations of his game-winning moments.

Anthony Davis Memes

Here are the best of the best Anthony Davis basketball memes. Browse, laugh, and share quickly using the share button on each meme!

Brow is the “V” in MVP

Is AD or AD’s brow the true MVP here?

Anthony Davis meme MVP eyebrow
via NBA Memes

Anthony Davis hopes to have his jersey retired in LA one day

Now that shirt is something to retire for sure. Speaking of retired jersies, don’t miss all our Kobe and Shaq memes.

Anthon Davis Meme crazy shirt hanging from Lakers rafters

I don’t always Google Anthony Davis

But when I do, it autocompletes to “Unibrow”.

Anthony Davis meme I don't always google but autocompletes to unibrow

Anthony Davis’ smiley face in characters

Next up, custom emoji for The Brow!

Anthony Davis meme smiley face typing characters

Who wore it better? AD or Squidward from SpongeBob?

Strong eyebrow game for both! Don’t miss all our SpongeBob basketball memes!

Anthony Davis meme comparison SpongeBob Squidward
via NBA Memes

Kobe: “How long have they been together?”

AD: “Who?”
Kobe: “Your eyebrows!”

Buuuuuuuuurn. Kobe got jokes. Don’t miss all our Kobe Bryant memes.

Anthony Davis meme Kobe conversation about eyebrows

AD and Fran (from movie Dodgeball) = match made in heaven

You shouldn’t keep these eyebrows apart.

Anthony Davis meme Fran Dodgeball movie eyebrow

AD provides McDonald’s with free advertising

I’m lovin’ it!

Anthony Davis meme McDonald's arch free advertising

AD’s Five Years, $145 Million is highest salary per brow in NBA history

For you math nerds, that’s $72.5M per brow. 🙂

Anthony Davis meme 5 years $145M highest salary per brow

I don’t always surf the internet, but when I do eyebrows

One of the all-time classic AD eyebrow memes right here.

Anthony Davis meme I don't always surf internet when i do eyebrows

Ernie & AD: “We don’t surf the Web, we brows”

Yet another classic meme for Anthony Davis!

Anthony Davis meme Bert we brows

Ernie: “Son?”, AD: “Daddy?”

Reunited at last!

Anthony Davis meme Bert son daddy

AD said he wanted to put on a performance for Kobe, shot 8 for 24

Had to be intentional, right AD? Don’t miss all our funny Kobe Bryant memes!

Anthon Davis Meme performance for Kobe shot 8/24

If you love something, you must set it free

That eagle will soar in freedom forever!

Anthony Davis meme eagle flying off face unibrow

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